Editing ensures that your text is in its very best form, fit for publishing.
I apply professional editing standards, so that your content is of impeccable quality.


Copyediting is a detailed review of text at final draft stage, ensuring text is readable, clear, consistent, and meets professional style standards.

– correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
– correcting inappropriate, ambiguous or incorrect statements
– improving readability
– ensuring a consistent writing style
– checking the application of a style guide
– checking cross-references within the text
– ensuring that previews, summaries, and end-of-chapter questions reflect content.



Proofreading is a quality assurance checking of text, undertaken after it is is finalised. This level of editing picks up small anomalies and errors in text:

– correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
– checking for typographic and other anomalies.

At the outset of a project I work with you to determine your requirements, then closely communicate with you across the editing process.